Archived Video


NSFW conversations and language.  A few notes, as usual.

  • Single camera for this game, overhead showing the board and most players stacks.  I need to find a good camera setup for Windows - a brand/model that works well with multiple cameras. 
  • The PLO and LO8 games aren't tracked.  There's upgrades for this now, but I keep having games JUST spread out enough that I'm not able to disassemble the table and send my equipment back for upgrades.
<Odd video and card capture behavior below this line>



NSFW conversations and language.  A lot of notes for this one. 

  • This game moved to a three-camera setup, but one of the cameras was merely to test functionality.  When the flop, turn, or river is placed on the board, the focus will automatically switch to the overhead camera -- which was only a test device -- and is fuzzy and out of focus.  Enjoy 3 seconds of burry overhead every time a card hits the board.
  • Auto-follow is enabled.  When two players are in a hand and both of them are on the same side of the table, the view does not switch back and forth between cameras.
  • Auto-focus is still not auto-disabled, and it wasn't discovered until the night was over.  Enjoy the cameras going constantly in and out of focus.
  • Only the hold'em games have correct card-tracking enabled.
  • Some player ID cards were renamed during the event.  This caused a few people to be playing under the wrong name.
  • PLO and Big-O games have tracking for the board, but the cards themselves are a confusing mess.  They are presented for your amusement only.



NSFW conversations and language.  First game on the new felt.  Hold'em hands only.  A few hands still not tracked correctly, but most of the action is there.



NSFW conversations and language.  Game is on the temporary felt.  Hold'em hands only.  Many hands, mucks, and even boards are missed during this, our first game on the table.